WOW TOO Bundle

Nellie’s WOW TOO Bundle has everything you need to get spectacular looking floors! It includes the cordless, rechargeable, and lightweight WOW TOO, an extra set of  Scrub & Polish Pads  and a 2.7L Floor Care canister.

Once cleaned and scented with our signature natural lemongrass fragrance, your floors will be so clean you could eat off them – literally! We don’t recommend that, though.

Bundle & Save 20%! (Regular price $399.00)

What’s Included:
1 x Floor Care (2.7L canister)
1 x Scrub & Polish Pads (extra set)

Please note: This bundle is excluded from any discounts and coupons.

Nellie’s WOW Mop comes with a two year warranty.


Replace toxic chemicals and switch to Nellie’s planet friendly and effective products
Dispense Floor Care into the tank removable reservoir, release the handle, press the power button and let the WOW TOO do the work. Your floors will be spotless, and your mother-in-law speechless. WOW, indeed! For best results, use a 1:3 Floor Care to water ratio and launder your cleaning pads with Laundry Soda. User Manual: Nellie’s WOW TOO – User Manual Specs: Lithium battery voltage: 2000 mAh, 35 W Run time: 64 Charge time: 1-3 hours Oscillation/vibration rate: 1050 cycles per minute