Sebo Felix upright vacuum cleaners with power head and parquet floor brush. Sebo vacuums have anti-allergy hospital grade S-class filtration, making them an ideal vacuum cleaners for those with allergies and asthma. Includes crevice, upholstery nozzles, and parquet floor tool for extra detailed cleaning


Sebo Felix is the most maneuverable and portable upright vacuum cleaner. Its design is 100% unique featuring a large side carry handle and detachable power head. You can even carry it around as a handheld canister to easily vacuum stairs, furniture and window treatments. Sebo Felix Premium vacuum cleaners are very powerful with plenty of suction for cleaning carpets and bare floors. They come standard with an excellent S-class (meets HEPA standards) filtration system, manual height adjusting power head, parquet floor brush and 2 accessory tools. The Sebo Felix will make sure your house is clean and dust-free in no time. Includes Sebo’s 5-year warranty on parts, labor and 7 year warranty on motor.

The Sebo Felix is ideal for someone who:

  • Has allergies or asthma and needs a top-notch filtration system to dirt and dust completely contained within the vacuum cleaner
  • Has low to medium pile carpeting, bare floors, upholstery
  • Wants a durable and flexible upright vacuum that can clean above and beyond your standard vacuum cleaner
  • Wants a low-profile vacuum cleaner that lies flat on the floor for easy cleaning under beds and furniture
  • Would like the convenience of a carry handle for vacuuming stairs or for carrying up and down the stairs
  • Wants a upright vacuum that only weighs 15 lbs