AUTOMATIC X models are the most technically advanced and uniquely easy-to-use vacuum cleaners in the world! The X4 and X4 Boost feature 12-inch power heads and truly automatic height adjustment! An electronic controller measures the resistance of the spinning brush roller against the floor surface and then signals up or down adjustments, to ensure optimal performance on both carpets and hard floors. The user is also alerted to clogs, a worn brush, or a full bag, and the vacuum automatically shuts off when brush obstructions occur to protect the motor and belts from damage. SEBO’s X also has an instant-use cleaning wand and suction hose, a lifetime belt warranty, tool-free brush roller removal, a 40-foot power cord, three on-board attachments, and excellent pet hair removal.

The X4 Boost model differs from the regular AUTOMATIC X4 because it offers a choice between two modes of brush roller aggressiveness! The default setting is perfect for most flooring types, but by pressing the Boost Button located on the power head, the spinning brush roller is allowed to attain greater resistance against the floor surface before upward height adjustments are made, which causes deeper brush action on carpets and rugs. For users who like automatic height adjustment but may want more aggressive brush agitation from time to time, the X4 Boost is the solution!


The SEBO name is viewed as the best manufacturer of upright vacuum cleaners in Europe, and are legendary for their durability! We never get returns on this vacuum cleaner. About six of our staff picked them for use in their own homes, which tells you something! The Sebo X-series upright vacuum cleaners are our overall best pick among uprights and are very popular with our customers. Lighter than most, the X vacuum series rewards with excellent suction, first class S-Class (meets HEPA standard) filtration, and general overall ease of use and durability. Their unique slim line design means the vacuum has the ability to bend at the handle 180° parallel to the floor, allowing the operator to reach far under beds and furniture with only 5.5′ of clearance needed. Includes SEBO’s 7-yr warranty on motor, 5-yr warranty on parts and labor, lifetime warranty on belt.

Sebo X4 is ideal for someone who:

  • Wants and needs a durable vacuum that provides very high filtration of allergens
  • Has allergies or asthma that would benefit from S-Class (HEPA) vacuums that filter 99.97% of particles >.3 microns
  • Wants to vacuum from carpet densities to bare floors easily with automatic carpet height adjustment
  • Wants easy-to-change, large capacity vacuum bags with dust seal discs
  • Wants a vacuum with reasonable costs for operation and filter replacement
  • Wants to vacuum mostly carpeting, bare floors, stairs, hard to reach areas
  • Would like a choice of many optional tools for specialized cleaning
Suction Motor1300 Watts
Brush MotorN/A
Airflow (motor rating)103.8 CFM
Water Lift (motor rating)92 in.
Belt GuaranteeLifetime
Height AdjustmentElectronic
Suction Motor ProtectionElectronic
Bag Capacity1.4 gal.
Handle Weight1.5 lbs.
Body Weight16.7 lbs.
Variable Suction ControlNo
Bare Floor CleaningYes
Dusting Brush IncludedYes
Cleaning Wand IncludedYes
Cord Length/Range40 ft.
Power Head Width12 in.
Hose Length6 ft.
S-class FiltrationYes
Adjustable HandleNo
HEPA Filtration AvailableYes
Use Without Power HeadNo
Brush Height SettingsAutomatic
Brush Wear CompensationAutomatic
Brush Speed3100 RPM
Sound Level69 dBA