Running a vacuum cleaner is a chore for most of us. It’s not fun, and it’s never something we look forward to doing. But once you’ve got the right vacuum cleaner for your needs, you don’t have to dread vacuuming anymore. In fact, if you follow these three simple tips from the Oreck Store & More with locations in Franklin and Hendersonville just outside of Nashville Tennesse, your vacuum cleaner will become your best friend!

Change your bag & filters more often.

Clogged filters. The number one problem we see when customers bring their vacuum cleaners info service, according to John Hamilton who owns The Oreck Store & More locations in Tennesee. Most people simply forget to change them, or they never read the manual when they first purchased their vacuum cleaners. Changing your bag and filters more often will help you get more life from your vacuum.

It’s simple: the vacuum bag should be replaced every 3 months, and the filter should be washed every 6 months. Use the correct size filter for your machine to ensure optimum performance, and always use high-quality belts and brushes.

Change your vacuum cleaner belt once a year.

  • Locate the belt. If you can’t find it, your vacuum will have a diagram inside showing where it is.
  • Remove the old belt by loosening the screw on one side of the brush roll and then pulling back on both ends of it to remove it from its groove in the roller shafts. This might take some effort since most belts are stretched out over time and will require some muscle power to remove them properly—and not break anything in your vacuum cleaner while doing so! Of course, if you’re not sure or don’t want to attempt this on your own, the friendly staff at the Oreck Store & More locations are happy to assist.

Replace your vacuum cleaner’s brush roller every 3 years.

The brush roller is the most important part of your vacuum cleaner. The cleaning bristles are made of plastic and will wear out over time, which means replacing them every 3 years or so. Think of your vacuum’s brush roller like a toothbrush and you’ll get the idea. Over time, bristles get soft and don’t clean as well. Check with the Oreck Store and More. Their vacuum cleaner showroom locations in Franklin Tennessee and Hendersonville carry a large selection of parts in stock.

Keep your vacuum cleaner at peak performance to help keep your home free of dust and allergens.

To help keep your home free of dust and allergens, it’s important to keep your vacuum cleaner at peak performance. This means keeping its parts in good working condition. One of the most important parts is the belt, which runs over the brush roller where it picks up dirt. The more time passes between vacuum cleaner belt changes, the more wear and tear you will have on your vacuum cleaner.


Now that you know how to make your vacuum cleaner last longer and work better for you, we hope that you’ll take these tips to heart. If you need parts or assistance with keeping your vacuum cleaner in top shape, stop into one of The Oreck Store and More’s showrooms at 112 Sanderville Rd in Hendersonville, and 545 Cool Springs Blvd in Franklin Tennessee.