Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder Method Beats the Wet Method hands down


You’ve just bought a new carpet and you want to keep it clean, but there’s no need to use traditional soap-based methods. The dry carpet cleaning method is the best way to maintain and clean your carpets. This method will give you better results than wet cleaning because it doesn’t leave residue behind that attracts more dirt as soap-based cleaners do. Read on to see why we recommend the Oreck Orbiter Dry Carpet Cleaning System.

Should I Use a Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder or a Wet One?

  • Dry carpet cleaning is a better option than wet cleaning.
  • In the past, people used to use wet methods and they were more prone to making mistakes.
  • Wet cleaning is not as effective as dry carpet cleaning.
  • Dry carpet cleaning is more cost-effective than the wet method because it doesn’t require any water or other liquids and this means that you are saving on your energy bills as well as spending less money on buying cleaners and equipment needed for this job such as detergents, water hoses etcetera..

The Benefit of Using a Dry Carpet Cleaning System

Orbiter Dry Carpet Cleaning system
Oreck ORB700MB

Dry carpet cleaning is more efficient than the wet method because you don’t need to wait for carpets to dry. You also won’t waste time and money on water, or have to worry about water damage from flooding.

Using a dry carpet cleaning system is safer for your family because there are no chemicals involved in the process. This means that your kids can play on wet carpets without fear of getting sick or injuring themselves on spilled chemicals during the cleaning process. Dry carpet cleaners are also much better for our environment as well!

The Problems with Wet Carpet Cleaners

  • Wet carpet cleaning is messy.
  • Wet carpet cleaning is time-consuming.
  • Wet carpet cleaning is expensive.
  • Wet carpet cleaning is harmful to the environment, as it requires large amounts of water and toxic chemicals to be used in addition to detergents that can pollute rivers, lakes, oceans, and other water sources when they enter into the sewage system.(More on this below.)

Steam cleaning

  • Steam cleaning is the most popular method of carpet cleaning, and it’s effective – but it’s the best way to clean carpets?
  • Steam cleaning literally involves shooting steam at your carpets to loosen up dirt, oil, and grime. This hot water can help dissolve stains as well. Once this has been done, you’ll use a machine (called a “steam cleaner”) to suck up all that dirt and grime from your carpeting.
  • It’s not all good news though: steam cleaners have some downsides too. For example, they may leave spots behind on your wall if you’re not careful about where you direct the nozzle of the hose when cleaning under furniture or along baseboards (you might need to move items out of the way so that nothing gets sprayed with moisture). These machines also take more time than other methods because they require more drying time afterward since so much liquid was applied during the cleaning process!

Shampooer machines

Using a shampoo machine is the most common method used by carpet cleaners. This method works by injecting soap or detergent into the carpet and then extracting it. The shampoo machine is a very effective method, but it does have its drawbacks.

If you want to get clean carpets and have them maintained, the dry carpet cleaning method will outperform the traditional soap-based methods.

If you want to get clean carpets and have them maintained, the dry carpet cleaning method will outperform the traditional soap-based methods. Dry carpet cleaning is less abrasive than wet cleaning, which makes it better for your flooring. It’s also more effective at getting out stains and removing dirt from your floors and carpets. This is why many businesses use this method to keep their offices looking clean and professional all year long! And because it’s faster acting than other methods it is safer for your family members too! Because of these reasons we recommend using an environmentally friendly powder-based cleaner like Oreck Carpet Cleaner dry cleaning system.


The dry carpet cleaning method is the way to go for many reasons, but the best thing about it is that you’ll be able to clean your carpets and maintain them. This means fewer stains, less dust buildup in the long run, and better indoor air quality overall! Visit the Oreck Store & More at one of our two retail locations for more information and a hands-on demonstration that will make you believer and big fan of the dry carpet cleaning method.